Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snap Happy....I think that is me!

Well it seems that I have been off in another place and not on here! Time to make a change and get back at it.  I have been to many other places, including the Tulip Fest in April, and what a great photo opportunity that was. As well the night in a beautiful little seaside town. And so many other places.

The bees were buzzing in the flowers :)
 This is our Molton boy from the SPCA that I fell in love with when I took his picture and he captured my heart <3
 They keys of the typewriter my Dad carried back for him Mum in the 40s from Germany

One of the chickens that was roaming about during the past weekend wedding, got to love that, was such a lovely touch :)

Life has gotten busier and job change etc.  Now it is time to get back at it. 

I have a passion for taking pictures, I am sure my face book friends get tired of seeing them posted all the time.

I love taking any pictures but mostly animal pictures but also anything unique or interesting.

A while back I decided that I would take pictures at our local SPCA .........probably not the best idea for an animal lover.  Needless to say we have a new member of the household.....a lovely adult cat named Molton. 

As well I was asked to take pictures at a photo booth at a wedding last week and had a great time doing this, what a great idea a photo booth is at a wedding!!! Ways to capture your friends in action.

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